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About The Teragen

  • The Teragen movement is a philosophy particular to a few radical members of nova society. Though the movement was brought into the forefront by the shadowy nova, Divis Mal, the Teragen claims that Mal is not its leader, only its inspiration. The Teragen ascribes to the credo that novas are a separate species from the rest of humanity, and thus the laws, conventions, history and morality of Homo sapiens do not apply to them. The Teragen's stated goals are to "liberate" novas worldwide and help them realize their potential "by any means necessary."
  • Though the Teragen does not specifically call for separation from or aggression toward the rest of humanity, many of its members display a supremacist contempt toward baseline humans, and acts of revolutionary violence against "baseline fascism" are not unknown. Some members have also displayed a capricious callousness toward baseline "playthings," tarnishing the movement's image in the process.
  • Since the Teragen claims not to be an organization as such, but merely a collection of like-minded individuals, radical acts by one sympathizer cannot be directly linked to other members; thus, for now, the Teragen as a whole has avoided massive retaliation. Nonetheless, the Teragen maintains a great deal of secrecy, and it is rumored to have hidden members and bases of operations worldwide.
  • The typical Teragen member hates Project Utopia with a passion and actively seeks the Project's destruction, believing the Project to have the worst of intentions for novas. The Teragen knows about the defection of the Aberrants, and has heard rumors of the existence of Project Proteus, but the group as a whole has not adopted a unified stance toward the Aberrants (not that the Teragen enacts "policy" anyway). Most Teragen feel that, with time, the Aberrants will come to them. The Teragen views the Directive with similar loathing, as a baseline agency attempting to suppress novas' rightful destiny. The Teragen takes a helpful, sometimes nurturing stance toward corporate, government and individualist novas, attempting to emancipate them from slavery to baseline concerns and help them realize their true place in the world to come.