About The Primacy

  • On the surface, it appears that Nova Vigilance and the Primacy are one in the same, but where NV is reactive, the Primacy is proactive, especially in promoting the supremacy of the One Race and the creation of a nova nation. NV prefers public acts where the Primacy uses more subtle tactics, threats, terrorism and sabotage. Among the Primacy, nova supremacy is the ultimate tenet and baselines are nothing more than talking monkeys without tails who should serve novas, not the other way around. Shrapnel views Project Utopia as a personal affront and oppression of the One Race and should be stopped at all costs.
  • The Primacy’s radicalism has increased with the arrival of The Confederate and the movement has moved from political to a supremacist. Younger Terats, hungry for power and glory, their eyes filled with the visions of a nova  agree there is no more time for talk. Either the baselines learn their place or suffer the wrath of the One Race.
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