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About The Pandaimonion

  • One of the largest Teragen factions, Pandaimonion consists mostly of poseurs and wannabes, used by Narcosis to expand her influence around the globe. Sheer numbers give Narcosis significant power among the Teragen, and she can call up “loyal revolutionaries” (read: expendable sycophants) as easily as she can pick up her phone.
  • They are the self-proclaimed “new gods” and most have ties to N! and the XWF, while others are dilettantes and playboys whose skills have outstripped the baseline playing field. Of course, other novas are tired of Narcosis hogging the spotlight and want their time in the sun.
  • The Pandaimonion is Narcosis’ sword and shield for increasing her own power and fame through brainwashing baselines into becoming her flock. While a true believer in the Teragen philosophy, her sense of self-promotion is ultimately a threat to other members of the One Race.