About The Janissaries

  • A nova agency founded by the wealthy Saudi Rashid al-Nasir. Rashid is a Sunni and subscribes to the belief that novas are divine beings empowered by Allah. Al-Nasir began his career as a fascination with novas, then paying novas to accompany him to meetings and to be seen with on the social scene. Later, he began introducing baselines interested in compensating novas for their unique abilities. DeVries even attempted to hire him as a recruiter and contact in the . Al-Nasir rejected their offer, but it also gave him an idea.
  • Rashid started his own agency, the Janissaries, expanding it scope of operations from the Middle East, Asia Minor, Eastern Europe and then to the rest of the world. The Janissaries are a counterbalance to DVNTS, specializing in security, paramilitary, and covert operations. The Janissaries also have a less savory reputation as being the people to contact when “forcible extractions” and wetwork are necessary.
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