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About The Harvesters

  • The Harvesters are a safe haven for high-Taint novas who have become so deformed that there is nowhere on the globe they can go. The Apothecary has set up locations around the world to hide the Harvesters while he examines the Taint, but the Harvesters are tired of hiding and their minds have become nearly as monstrous as their bodies. They hunt the streets of the nearest cities and towns, usually their first victims are friends and family members who shunned them before turning their attention to targets like Project Utopia and Team Tomorrow. The Harvesters take their names from their dream of “harvesting” Taint for power, or harvesting the world, separating the nova wheat from the baseline chaff. Then burning it.
  • The Harvesters are inhuman within and without and while not all of them are insane, the Taint has, in a few cases, unhinged their psyches to the point that they make serial killers look like innocent children. A The Apothecary views them as such. His misshapen, powerful children.
  • Some Harvesters grumble that they are the new human race and that all baselines should be eliminated immediately. The Apothecary councils caution and study before any extermination takes place, but Leviathan argues that The Apothecary is weak and the Harvesters should be led by someone who embraces Taint rather than hides behind theories.