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About The Directive

  • The Directive is an international security, police and espionage agency founded by the , the , the Russian Confederation and . Most members are baseline, but nova operatives Fill out its ranks. The Directive's goals are to advance its member nations' interests and to act as a check against Utopia's growing power. Although the Directive has an "official" paper trail, its organizational structure and agenda are classified, and it takes pains to stay out of the public eye. Thus, most people do not know of it except as a name, and its activities and purpose are shrouded in rumor.
  • The typical Directive agent heartily distrusts Project Utopia and is very interested in the recent turmoil within the Project's ranks. The Directive also polices potentially dangerous international situations (terrorist factions, overly aggressive dictators, powerful novas), and it keeps a careful watch over 's large nova populace. The Directive shares Utopia's opinion that the Teragen is a very dangerous movement, though many Directive agents suspect that the Teragen and Utopia are secretly in cahoots, only staging an enmity for the cameras.
  • A few Directive higher-ups have heard rumors of a "shadow cabal" within Utopia; certainly, such a group would explain many unusual occurrences over the past decade. The Directive knows that certain former members of Utopia have defected from the group, and agents are authorized to seek out and learn what they can about this situation, in hopes of finding out "the truth" about Utopia.