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About The DeVries Group

The DeVries Agency is the largest single corporate employer of novas in the world and has the second largest contingent of novas behind Project Utopia. While DeVries’ flagship division is its National Tactical Solutions group, DeVries supplies novas for every purpose to every sort of employer around the globe. DeVries is akin to the sports agencies of the late 20th century and novas are its clientele. DeVries finds them work specific to their particular talents and training and in exchange receives a certain percentage of the contract.

As stated before DeVries’ foremost agency is its National Tactical Solutions company, which hires out mercenaries, the Elites, to nations around the world. When a nova signs a contract with either the DeVries Agency or DVNTS, DeVries becomes responsible for their payment, legal protection, training, health and benefits.

DeVries has numerous governments, corporations, even some private individuals wealthy enough to afford its services. Aside from highly publicized, trained, and paid mercenary Elites, DeVries contracts out novas to serve as asset and personal protection, research and development, public relations, and espionage. DeVries currently has offices in New York, Pretoria, Amsterdam, San Francisco, Rio de Janeiro, Sydney, Bangkok and Cairo.

With DeVries, there are no useless novas, but some are more valuable than others.