About The Companions

  • The Compaions grew out the Palestine Liberation Organization under the guidance of Jordanian nova Tarik ibn’Mahmoud. Tarik uses his contacts establish small safe havens throughout the Middle East and encourages novas to gather in small cells to avoid detection, not all that dissimilar from terrorist cells. Because of the strife in the , Tarik is often the Companions sole link to one another and the outside world. He blends his Islamic beliefs and Divis Mal’s Null Manifesto to justify his role as protector of Arab novas and while his character is suspect, those novas under his care have few other options.
  • As for Tarik himself, he agrees with the Teragen philosopy, but ultimately, his goals are to accumulate power and influence in the  and the world. Philosophy, religion and politeness are tools to accomplish his goals. He wants to leave a legacy behind for his successors, one of a united Arab world under his control. While Tarik is the only Companion with access to the Pantheon, some Terats have made contact with others who tell very different stories than Tarik.
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