About The Casablancas

  • An open group of loosely associated Terat’s, the Casablancas act as the eyes and ears of the Teragen. While other factions of the Teragen blithely good about their business, the Casablancas hover on the periphery, using their contacts and skills to make sure that no truly nasty surprises are in store for the movement. More recently, the Casablancas have taken on the role of coordinators, helping to turn the Teragen from a loose association of like-minded novas into an efficient organization. Former Tomorrowite Saxon can personally attest to how dangerous this new organization can be.
  • While many have accused the Casablancas and their de facto leader of being fencesitters, maintaining ties with both baselines and remaining members of the Teragen. Despite the overt brutality of other elements of the Teragen movement, it is the subtlety and alleged numbers, two Casablancas for every other member of the Teragen, that truly worries Project Utopia.
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