About The Argus Agency

  • “They are there before you need them.” That’s the motto of the agency founded by Scottish nova John Argyle. Using his precognitive abilities, Argyle is able to move his people into the right place, at the right time, to get work almost as soon as it becomes available. Argus as snatched several high-paying contracts right out from under DeVries’ nose, much to the chagrin of Anna DeVries. On the flip side of the coin, some people consider the appearance of Argus Agency novas a dire omen. But when Argus shows up, they almost invariably bring the media with them as well.
  • Argus deals mostly with “emergency management”, ranging from theft to disaster relief and attempted assassinations. Argus also does some bodyguard and security work. Unlike DeVries, Argus does not employ novas currently in trouble with some legal authority or another, but is perfectly willing to hire novas with sketchy backgrounds, including Teragen sympathizers.
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