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About the Aberrants

  • The Aberrants are a very new faction, having appeared only in the last couple of months (as of May 2008); the name is an ironic adoption of a common anti-nova epithet. As of the game's beginning, there are only a few dozen Aberrants in the entire world; most work individually, though a few cells of three or more exist. Most Aberrants do not publicly identify themselves as such, since the group's founders, Andre Corbin and Sophia Rousseau, are being sought by Utopia and world authorities. Indeed, many Aberrants are still publicly affiliated with Project Utopia. These "closet Aberrants" attempt to find out the truth behind Utopia's agenda while avoiding the revelation of their true allegiance.
  • The Aberrants firmly believe that Project Utopia has been corrupted by a conspiracy; this conspiracy, they are certain, intends to enslave or destroy novas, and possibly the human race as well, through a variety of subversive operations. The Aberrants' primary goals, then, are to root out and expose the corruption in the organization and to recruit other novas to their banner. However, most Aberrants are aware of Utopia's many good works and would rather fix the problem than destroy Utopia outright. The Aberrants also realize that blatantly exposing Utopia's agenda would lead to worldwide panic. Accordingly, Aberrants are reluctant to go public with what they have learned, even if they thought it would be safe to do so (which they do not).
  • The Aberrants are aware of the existence of Project Proteus, though they have yet to uncover much of its true membership or agendas. The Aberrants are trying to convince as many Utopians and Individualists as possible that Utopia has been compromised, though their uncertainty as to the extent of Utopia's network forces them to do so furtively. Although the Aberrants realize that the Teragen also hates Utopia, they have not yet formed an alliance with it; most Aberrants consider the Teragen to be a dangerous band of radicals and terrorists, possibly even the root behind the corruption in Utopia. Most Aberrants are aware of a shadowy agency called the Directive, but they know little of its nature; the Aberrant stance is that the Directive could simply be a front for Project Proteus.