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About Project Utopia

  • Many novas are affiliated with this Aeon Society-founded international organization in a variety of capacities, ranging from the luminaries of Team Tomorrow to the support members who handle Utopia's less glamorous and more pragmatic concerns.
  • Most novas experience Utopia's hospitality at least once in their lives, as they are invited to one of Utopia's Rashoud facilities and tutored in the rudiments of controlling their powers.
  • Many novas elect to remain with Utopia following their initial eruption, and many more retain some ties to the group. After all, all Rashoud facilities are open to any nova so long as that nova is registered with the Project and not considered a threat.
  • Utopia's stated goal is to employ novas' vast power to better the world for nova and baseline alike. Less overtly, Utopia also takes great pains to cultivate a good public image for novas as a whole. The typical Utopian nova knows nothing of Project Proteus' existence and views the Aberrants' claims of a "shadow project" within Utopia as so much seditious propaganda.

On the Teragen

  • Most Utopians are highly disturbed by the recent "Slider scandal" and the rise of the Aberrants, viewing the Aberrants as traitors, murderers and dangerous subversives possibly allied with the Teragen. For its part, Utopia loathes the Teragen, seeing the movement as a band of selfish and destructive radicals. Not only is the Teragen the antithesis of everything Utopia stands for, but its actions could well turn the tide of public opinion against novas. Thus, Utopia does everything in its power to monitor Teragen sympathizers (and take them down when necessary).

On the Directive

  • From what little Utopia knows of the Directive's existence, it considers the agency a hostile, reactionary cabal combining the worst aspects of J. Edgar Hoover and the llluminati. Utopia takes a benevolent public stance toward unaffiliated novas. In practice, it makes an attempt to monitor and otherwise keep tabs on nova elements not directly tied to it; novas whose "selfish agendas" threaten the "cultivation of global harmony" are often approached and reasoned with, subtly or otherwise.