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About Project Proteus

  • Proteus is a true shadow organization. It exists so deep within the heart of Project Utopia that most Utopians are unaware of it. Few records of its presence exist, and those that do are highly encrypted and classified. Indeed, most Proteus "members" are unaware of their allegiance; Proteus tends to use mercenary elites, Utopians or other unaffiliated individuals, sending them on missions that advance the project's goals without ever letting the agents in question know for whom they're really working. Proteus is absolutely committed to secrecy, and it will do anything to maintain it, including terminating agents or entire branches.
  • Those Proteus novas who are aware of their affiliation believe that Proteus is a necessary adjunct to advance Utopia's less telegenic goals. They see Utopia as a good organization, necessary to continued harmony between humans and novas; their role, then, is that of the gardener, subtly pruning the Project where necessary, pulling up any weeds that surface and spraying destructive pests if need be. Most Proteus ops believe the Aberrants to be traitors, perhaps dupes of the Teragen, and they scoff at the Aberrants' claims of anti-nova sentiment permeating Utopia. After all, most Proteus agents are themselves novas.
  • Many Proteus novas hold "official" positions in Utopia, or even Team Tomorrow; some maintain covers as international celebrities or act as spies in government and corporate enterprises. No Proteus op ever admits to being a Proteus op except in absolute secrecy (and often not even then). As far as the world is concerned, Project Proteus does not exist, and Proteus' directors intend to do everything in their power to keep it that way.