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About Nova Vigilance

  • Aside from Divis Mal and Count Raoul Orzaiz, Nova Vigilance, the NV, is the most visible facet of the Tergen. They are the self-appointed guardians of the One Race, looking for abuses against novas and then delivering retribution. As sort of an anti-Team Tomorrow, the two groups have engaged in skirmishes on numerous occasions.
  • Unlike the Primacy, Nova Vigilance is a reactive group, not a proactive one, concerned with protecting novas. Members of Nova Vigilance are firm believers in lex talionis: an eye for an eye. Attacking novas in the media and you can expect a very public demonstration of backed by NV. Assault or kill a nova and you’re either in a hospital or in a bodybag. Just ask the mayor of .
  • Right now, NV is working to dispel the idea that novas are here to be the world’s saviors or the their scapegoats. If they don’t protect their own, the baselines are going to run roughshod all over them. Most importantly, NV is making inquiries into the rumors of a Project Utopia concentration camp in .