About NovaCom

While the public at large believe novas are employed for their martial capabilities, NovaCom hires novas who talents are better suited to gathering information. The company was founded by the brother-sister team of Darren and Samantha Vreeland. When Darren died in an explosion, Samantha used his life insurance to restructure their company into an information and research servies shark and set about hiring novas who could assist her. NovaCom has one of the best talent pools of nova hackers and investigators. NovaCom has continued to grow and thrive, despite offers to buy the company out from ViaSoft and DeVries.

Most importantly, NovaCom offers complete client confidentiality. Although the company has received numerous offers to buy its client database (and they have been very, very generous offers), Samantha Vreeland knows that NovaCom’s reputation is built on discretion and impartiality. NovaCom also boasts some of the most secure archives and computers in the world, designed from the ground up by its own programmers and closely monitored by nova and baseline analysts. So far, no one has managed to penetrate its defenses.

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