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Merit Rating Prerequisites Description
Architectural Attunement •••• Wits ••, Academics ••, Occult •, Geomantic Specialty Perceive mystical resonance in a specific city
Area of Expertise •• Resolve •• Increase a Mental Specialty to +2
Atavism Dexterity ••• or Wits •••, Intelligence below ••• Use higher of Wits or Dexterity for Defense
Barrister •••• Politics ••• Can safely gauge how far Old Laws can be pushed
Combat Awareness •• Military background +2 to any situational awareness roll
Common Sense •••• Once per session you can ask the ST for advice.
Computer Whiz ••••• Computers •••• Gain a second attempt after a failed hacking roll
Crafter's Sense ••• Crafts ••• Common Sense related to a chosen Crafts Specialty
Danger Sense •• +2 to detect ambush
Dead Reckoning Gains 8-again when navigating in the Underworld; loses 10-again navigating above ground.
Early Adopter •• Resources •• You have an array of the newest gadgets. +2 to understand new technologies.
Eidetic Memory (CO) •• Remember with ease, gain +2 to Intelligence + Composure to remember facts from large swaths of data
Emotional Detachment Resolve •• Ignores stress penalties equal to Resolve
Encyclopedic Knowledge •••• Know obscure facts choose a topic and can make Intelligence + Wits rolls to gain facts related to it at any time
EOD •• Wits ••• or Dex •••, Crafts •••, Crafts Specialty of Demolitions Reduce penalty for disarming unfamiliar explosives
Entheogenic Synesthesia +1 to Perception when using psychoactive drugs
Explorer ••• Intelligence •• Can get a strong grasp of the layout of area after first visit.
Fast Learner ••• Intelligence ••• Gain one experience point at the conclusion of each scene/card
Green Thumb ••• Intelligence ••• Plants grow 50% faster under your careful supervision
Good Time Management •• Academics, Medicine or Science •• Cut time for non-magical extended rolls by 1/4
Here and Now ••• Intelligence •••, at least • in all Mental Skills One floating skill point. Assigned to any mental skill. Can be moved once per scene.
Higher Calling •• Resolve ••• +1 on Resolve rolls to resist coercion
Holistic Awareness ••• Help others heal faster
Hypnotic Voice •••• Persuasion ••• or Science •••, Specialty of Hypnotherapy Induce trance state
Hypnosis ••• Medicine • or Occult • Hypnotize subjects
Informative •• or •••• Wits ••, Mental Skill •• Use specified Skill in place of Expression
Interdisciplinary Specialty Two Skills ••• Share Specialty between two Skills
Language Speak another language
Lightning Calculator ••• You have a natural affinity with numbers and a talent for mental arithmetic, making you a natural when working with computers or betting at the racetracks. All relevant rolls gain +2 dice.
Lucid Dreamer Fight off intrusions into dreams
Lucid Dreaming •• Resolve ••• Control dream environment and engage intruders in dream combat
Make Do • to ••• Wits •••, Skill • Remove -1/dot penalty for shoddy tools
Meditative Mind No penalties to meditate
Multi-Lingual (CO) • to ••••• 2 languages per dot, conversationally
Mental Prodigy (CO) •••• Primary Attribute Allows the user to buy a sixth dot in any one mental attribute.
Murder Expert ••• Intelligence ••, Stealth ••• Strike a Killing Blow (WoD 168) against a single unsuspecting target
Mythologist ••• Occult ••, Underworld Specialty Gains some insight into some of the Underworld's enigmas
No Weaknesses ••• The effects beneficial aspects of drugs and alcohol are doubled.
Precocious ••• The time it takes you to learn new mental skills is reduced.
Psychic Resistance • to ••• Inhibit mental alteration by psychics
Rational Explanation •••• Resolve ••, Science or Academics •••• Resist mental breakdown with Science or Academics
Scientist's Sense ••• Science •••, Specialty Common Sense related to Science
Supernatural Lore • to ••••• Know the ways of a particular type of supernatural being. May be purchased separately for multiple types.
Technophile • or •• Encyclopedic Knowledge in one topic
Telltale Murder •• or ••• Intelligence ••••, Medicine •• After killing something, roll Intelligence + Medicine. •• version allows to 'taunt' those who would make Wits + Investigation rolls. ••• version allows to change the 'meaning' of a murder.
Time Sense You have an innate sense of time and are able to estimate the passage of time accurately without using a watch or other mechanical device.
Tolerance for Biology Resistance Attribute •• +2 to keep composed when shown scenes of violence or carnage
Trained Memory Composure ••, Investigation • Memorize information perfectly; roll to memorize for entire scene (i.e. everything a character could sense in a given moment) instead of specific information or sensory input
Trained Observer • or ••• Wits ••• or Composure ••• Ignore penalties or gain Rote quality on Perception rolls
Tunnel Rat • to ••• Navigate the Chicago Undercity tunnels, ignoring penalties equal to dots in this Merit
Vision • to ••••• Mental Attribute or Composure •••• Use successes on Vision+Skill roll to aid an Extended Action
Well-Educated ••••• Mental Skill ••••• Allows the user to buy a sixth dot in any one mental skill. Requires ST approval. May be purchase multiple times.
Well-Traveled 9-Again on Mental and Social rolls relating to foreign cultures
Whispers Can purchase Dream and use it as Instant Action, at the cost of sanity


Merit Rating Prerequisites Descriptions
Ambidextrous ••• Remove off-hand penalty to attack
Armored Fighting •• or •••• Strength •••, Stamina ••• Reduce heavy armor penalties by 1 (••) or 2 (••••)
Athletics Dodge Dexterity ••, Athletics • Add Athletics rather than doubling Defense on Dodge
Brawling Dodge Strength ••, Brawl • Add Brawl rather than doubling Defense on Dodge
Daredevil ••• +3 when attempting to do exceptionally risky stunts. For example, jumping from car to car on the freeway.
Demolisher • to •• Strength ••• or Intelligence ••• Can ignore 1 (•) or 2 (••) points of Durability when attempting to damage objects
Disarm •• Dexterity •••, Weaponry • Can disarm if damage exceeds Dexterity
Direction Sense Unfailing orientation
Double-Jointed Dexterity •••• +2 to any Dexterity rolls involving body flexibility
Entering Strike •• Dexterity ••, Brawl ••• Successful, defenseless Brawl strike adds damage as bonus to subsequent grappling attack
Equipped Grappling •• Dexterity •••, Brawl ••, Weaponry •• Add size of blunt weapon (3 or less) to overpowering maneuver dice pool
Fast Reflexes • or •• Dexterity ••• +1/dot to Initiative
Fighting Finesse •• Dexterity •••, Weaponry •• Substitute Dexterity for Strength
Firearms Retention Dexterity ••, Wits ••, Brawl ••, Firearms •• Subtract Brawl dots from attempts to disarm by overpowering
Fleet of Foot • to ••• Strength •• +1/dot to Speed
Fortune Finder •• Dexterity ••, Larceny •••, Wits •• Character always manages to find more money 25% cash through acts of thievery.
Fresh Start Fast Reflexes •• Delay action into next round
Giant (CO) •••• +1 Size
Good Nights Sleep •••• Stamina ••• Regain a point of Willpower back if your character gets a good nights sleep, even if they didn't rest during the day.
Grim Reapers Sprint •••• Dexterity ••• +2 Movement speed after killing an enemy. This effect stacks for each consecutive kill, and lasts until the following turn.
Ground and Pound •• Combination Blows, Boxing ••• or Aggressive Striking •••, Grappling •• Perform Takedown/Throw, gain +2 to following unarmed strike
Gun Nut Firearms •• You instinctively load one in the chamber before combat.
Gunslinger ••• Dexterity •••, Firearms ••• Two gun attacks per round
Heavy Hands ••• Strength •••, Brawl •• +1 damage to unarmed strikes
Hemotophage ••• Stamina •• Blood packs instantly heal 1 Aggravated of blood loss damage. Available once per scene.
Immunity Stamina ••• You've spent many hours building up an immunity to a particular venom or poison.
Infiltrator ••••• Larceny •••• Gain a second attempt after failing a larceny roll.
Iron Stamina • to ••• Stamina ••• or Resolve ••• Negate fatigue/injury penalties
Iron Stomach •• Stamina •• Eat even unpalatable cuisine
Little Leaguer •• Weaponry ••• +2 to All-out-Attacks that involve a weapon that can be swung like bat
Master of his Craft ••••• Physical Attribute


Allows the user to buy a sixth dot in any one physical skill. Requires ST approval. May be purchase multiple times.
Mister Sandman ••• Gain 1 xp when killing a character in their sleep. Up to once per scene.
Natural Immunity Stamina •• +2 on Stamina rolls to resist illness
Nerd Rage! Strength •••, Intelligence ••• +3 to overpowering a critically injured enemy.
Outdoorsman •• Survival ••• Negate environmental penalties to Survival
Perfect Stillness Stealth • -2 to all rolls to visually detect character
Physical Prodigy (CO) •••• Primary Attribute Allows the user to buy a sixth dot in any one physical attribute.
Quick Draw Dexterity ••• Draw weapon reflexively
Quick Healer •••• Stamina •••• Heal twice as fast
Rad Resistor Stamina ••• Character is immune to the effects of minor radiation poisoning.
Scrounger ••• Survival ••• Character always manages to find more money 25% supplies when foraging.
Shield-Bearer Only -1 to attack when using a shield instead of -2
Size Matters ••• Strength ••••, Firearms ••• or Weaponry ••• +1 when using weapons over size 3
Steady Driver Drive •• Substitute Resolve for Dexterity on Drive rolls
Strong Back Strength •• +1 to lift or carry
Strong Lungs ••• Athletics ••• +2 on Stamina rolls to hold breath
Student of the Blade Fencing • or Iaido • May use Fighting Style with all Size 2 blades.
Stunt Driver ••• Dexterity ••• Drive and carry out another action
Stunt Rider ••• Dexterity ••• Ride and carry out another action
The Weapon at Hand •• Krav Maga •• Reflexive Wits + Weaponry roll for improvised weapon, instant action to wield, no penalty for being improvised
Thief ••• Dexterity ••, Larceny ••• +2 to all lock-picking rolls
Toughness ••••• Stamina ••••• +1 Health Box
Toxin Resistance •• Stamina ••• +2 on Stamina rolls to resist toxins
Weaponry Dodge Strength ••, Weaponry • Add Weaponry rather than doubling Defense on Dodge
Weapons to Empty Hands •• Dexterity •••, Brawl •••, Weaponry •••, Two Weapons or Filipino Martial Arts or Knife Fighting •••• Use Brawl instead of Weaponry for maneuver-related attacks.
Wheelman •• Dexterity ••, Drive •• Gain 9-Again on Drive rolls


Merit Rating Prerequisites Description
Allies • to ••••• Call upon favors from an individual, group or organization with influence and resources proportional to dots in this Merit
Animal Companion • to •••• Loyal animal partner with intelligence and capability proportional to dots in this Merit
Anonymity •• to •••• Resolve ••, Larceny or Subterfuge •• -1/dot to attempts to investigate character
Armory • to ••••• Resources ••• Own an array of weapons and armor. May be shared among multiple characters
Barfly Find ways into bars and clubs
Black Market Ties • to ••••• Streetwise • Add Black Market Ties to any Streetwise roll for acquiring equipent
Black Widow ••• Manipulation ••• +2 to persuade members of the opposite gender
Bureaucratic Navigator •• +2 to navigate a bureaucratic system
Cannibal •• Morality ••• or less Eating human flesh restores Willpower. Up to once per scene.
Child at Heart •• Presence •• +3 to communicating with anyone under 15
Contacts • to ••••• Access to information through a particular individual, group or organization. Depth of shared information is proportional to dots in this Merit
Decorated • to ••••• Formal awards for meritorious conduct from the military or a comparable organization
Deep Rapport • to ••••• Strong beneficial or harmful relationship with another character
Dream Crusher •••• Manipulation ••• Attempts to discourage NPC's can temporarily or permanently lower Morality.
Fame • to ••• Mortal acclaim, +1/dot to Socialize
Fence • or ••• Streetwise ••• Always find a way to buy and sell stolen goods
Firearms License •• You have a license to buy large firearms legally in most countries.
Friend • to ••••• The aid of a friend, ally or peer. Distribute dots in this Merit between the Friend's Power (comparable to yours at •••) and level of Trust with you
Healthy Skepticism •• -2 Difficulty for perceiving lies
Ingratiating Wanderer •• Manipulation ••• Gain bonus to locate authority figures in local power structures
Inspiring •••• Presence •••• Help others regain Willpower
Loud Voice +2 when yelling in a social situation
Lucky • to ••••• You may repeat up to Lucky's worth or failed rolls per story (or Saga), including botches, and may try only once per failed roll.
Luxury •• or •••• Live a wealthy, comfortable lifestyle at the sufferance of a patron
Mentor • to ••••• Guidance and interference of an authority in a field, with capability and influence proportional to dots in this Merit
New Identity •, •• or •••• Establish a forged identity
Night Owl •• +2 to alertness from dusk until dawn.
Parlor Trick +2 while attempting to grab the attention of the likely inebriated masses.
Party Girl •• Immune to alcohol addiction. +1 to other addictions.
Resources • to ••••• Disposable monthly income ranging from $500 USD at • to $50,000 USD at •••••, with total assets ranging from several hundred GBP at • to millions of GBP at •••••.
Retainer • to ••••• Loyal agent, employee or cohort with influence and capability proportional to dots in this Merit
Shadow Cult Initiation • to ••••• Membership in a cult, with unique benefits to each level of initiation
Silver Tongued ••••• Social Skill ••••• Allows the user to buy a sixth dot in any one social skill. Requires ST approval. May be purchase multiple times.
Small Unit Tactics ••• Manipulation •••, Persuasion •••, Leadership Specialty When conducting a tactical maneuver with squad, leader can spend Willpower to benefit entire group
Social Prodigy (CO) •••• Primary Attribute Allows the user to buy a sixth dot in any one social attribute.
Staff • to ••••• Resources ≥ Staff Employees or workers at a set venue, with manpower and expertise proportional to dots in this Merit
Status • to ••••• Authority and sway with a group or organization, to a depth proportional to dots in this Merit
Striking Looks (CO) •• or •••• Appearance adds +1/+2 to relevant Social rolls
Supernatural Blood (CO) ••• You have the blood of a certain supernatural entity running through your veins. You're presence is likely accepted by that group. You may also dormant traits related to such group.
Sworn Officer • to •••• Empowerment as a law enforcement official, with scope of jurisdiction proportional to dots in this Merit
Trip Sitter ••• Composure ••• Help others resist side effects of drugs
Unobtrusive ••• Stealth •• +2 to escape notice while casing a target under cover of some mundane activity. +1 to Resolve to resist The Forgetful Mind (Dominate •••)
Vice-Ridden •• Your character is one of the worst examples of humanity. He has two Vices, although he may still only regain one Willpower per scene in which he indulges himself.
Virtuous •• Your character is a light of good. She has two Virtues. The limitations of how many times she may refresh Willpower using a Virtue remain the same, but it’s up to you which Virtue she uses each time.