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Power Maxing

During a Power Max your character is attempting to change the scope of their abilities. To Max a power the character must take a turn to concentrate on the task at hand. During this time the character rolls [Quantum] plus as much [Quantum Pool] as they wish to use, the [Quantum Pool] is spent no matter the outcome of the action. For each success on this roll the character is allowed an equal amount of scope changes to their power, up to their [Quantum]. Should the character botch the roll they will take [Temporary Taint] up to the level of their [Quantum]. A character can choose to abandon their attack, but they're out any [Quantum Pool] spent.

Possible Scope Changes

Per One Success

  • Altering the composition or an Energy attack to that of a similar element.
  • Extra [Automatic Success] of damage (Unless the attack misses).
  • Extra two dice to the power of an attack.
  • Increase the level of an ability.
  • Range Increase (Up to Ten-fold).
  • Convert and Area of Effect attack into a Directed attack, and vice-versa.
  • Reduce penalties for hitting the target by two.

Per Two Successes

  • Add any desired extra to the power.

Per Three Successes

  • Complete overhaul of the power including the following
    • Add three extra dice.
    • Convert and Area of Effect attack into a Directed attack, and vice-versa.
    • Extra [Automatic Success] of Damage (Unless Attack Misses).
    • Range Increase (Up to Ten-fold).
    • Reduce Penalties for hitting enemy by two.

Per Five Successes

  • Dramatically alter the way that the ability functions for [Quantum] number of actions. For example, turn [Healing] into [Biomanipulation], or [Bioluminescence] into [Quantum Bolt]

Utilizing Taint

A character may choose to take One [Temporary Taint) to add an [Automatic Success] to their power max, or Two [Temporary Taint] to convert all [Power Max] dice into successes(Only up to [Quantum]).