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The Willpower trait is used in all games of this Storyteller System. Willpower is rated from 1 to 10, and has both a permanent rating (or score) and a pool of temporary points.

Permanent Willpower

Permanent Willpower indicates a character's overall determination and strength of personality. Baseline humans generally have ratings between 3 and 5; very few have a Willpower higher than 7.

Most Classic White Wolf games illustrate the scale of Willpower using the following descriptors:

•• Weak
••• Unassertive
•••• Diffident
••••• Certain
• ••••• Confident
•• ••••• Determined
••• ••••• Controlled
•••• ••••• Iron-willed
••••• ••••• Unshakable

In the NWoD System, Willpower is a derived trait, with a character's maximum score determined by their Resolve and Composure Attributes. Willpower may only be raised by raising these Attributes, though Willpower may fall below the maximum rating (see below). In such cases, it must be raised independently back to the maximum.

Willpower dots may be spent in some games, representing a permanent sacrifice of a character's mental power. This is typically used to achieve a permanent supernatural effect, but is none-the-less a very rare case. You can also lose Willpower dots unwillingly; this is usually due to supernatural misadventure (like a curse or botched use of Thaumaturgy), but may also result from torture, psychological abuse, or possibly extreme psychiatric treatment (e.g. lobotomy).

Temporary Willpower

Whereas permanent Willpower encompasses a character's drive in general, temporary Willpower indicates her current state of mind. A character whose temporary Willpower points equals their permanent Willpower rating is energetic (or at least upbeat) in relation to his normal mood, while a character with only a single Willpower point left is downright lethargic. Having no willpower points often indicates complete mental and emotional exhaustion. Under normal circumstances, a character may not have more temporary Willpower points than her permanent Willpower rating; some games and specific rules systems do allow for higher numbers of points, but this rarely, if ever, exceeds a maximum of 10 points.

Temporary Willpower is mainly spent a bonus for a roll, representing a notable dedication to a specific task. In most cases it grants bonus dice to the roll. Many baselines and some Novas use willpower as a means of activating certain abilities, resisting natural or unnatural urges or compulsions, or even to prevent supernatural mind control.

When rolling [Willpower], the permanent trait is used.

Willpower points are generally regained through proper rest, or by accomplishing tasks which reaffirm one's Vice, Virtue, or Nature.