Aberrant Wikia

Aggravated Damage (Agg.)

The type of damage beyond Lethal damage. If a character goes completely into lethal damage they'll begin taking Agg. damage. Agg. damage can also be dealt by extremely power quantum and supernatural moves. Some Aggravated damage related to blood loss can be immediately restored with the use of blood transfusions.

  • For baselines: Being in full lethal and taking at least a single point of Aggravated Damage will cause them to start to bleed out. Anyone who is bleeding out needs immediate medical attention to survive. A stamina roll must be made to stay awake at this point.
  • For Mega-Stamina Novas: Nova's with Mega-Stamina can go into full Lethal +2 Aggravated per dot of Mega-Stamina before beginning to bleed out. They do however have to make Stamina rolls to stay awake.

Area-Of-Effect Damage (AoE)

A common extra for an arrange of moves, and very similar to explosive Damage. AoE moves do constant damage throughout their range and are for the most part unavoidable.

  • AoE attacks can be avoided if the characters powers provide him AoE dodge or Explosive dodge which are effectively the same thing.
  • Example moves and enhancements that provide an AoE dodge.
    • Flight
    • Elemental Mastery: Propel
    • Hyper-movement
    • Intuition
    • Levitation
    • Magnetic: Mastery: Levitation
    • Premonition
    • Quantum Leap

Armor Piercing Damage

Allows damage to pass directly through soak at a rate of 1:1.

  • One of the most common and dangerous threats to Mega-Stamina Novas.
  • Appropriate for ammunition, Quantum powers, and Certain Weapons.

Burn Damage

Deals [Successes / 2] extra damage for [Power Rating] subsequent turns.

  • A burning attack inflicts normal damage when it first hits, and continues to burn the victim on subsequent turns.
  • This damage is typically applied to an attack power, but it is appropriate for a few other types of powers as well.
  • Appropriate for fire weapons and attacks.

Cloud Damage

Deals [Successes / 2] damage for [Power Rating] subsequent turns. In a [Power Rating] x 3 Meter Radius.

  • Cuts the damage of the attack in half but allows it to last [Power Rating] turns.
  • This extra allows a nova to generate an attack in the form of a cloud of gas or energy.