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Quantum derived traits

Quantum Pool: This pool is now derived by a simple formula. [Quantum x 3] + [willpower x2]. That means bare minimum quantum pool will be 7, and the standard highest, will be 35 (quantum 5, and willpower 10). Nova points and experience points can still be used to increase this pool. 

Mega-dice: These dice are counted like normally for determining success. The number of dice that you add to any roll related to that mega-attributes is your [Quantum x Mega-Attribute]. Example, A character with a quantum trait of 4 and a mega dexterity trait of 2, would add 8 dice to any normal dexterity related roll. 

New NWOD Storytelling System

Translating the Aberrant system to NWOD
Original Attributes New Attributes
Mega-Intelligence => Mega-Intelligence
Mega-Wits => Mega-Wits
Mega-Willpower => Mega-Resolve
Mega-Strength => Mega-Strength
Mega-Dexterity => Mega-Dexterity
Mega-Stamina => Mega-Stamina


=> Mega-Presence
Mega-Manipulation => Mega-Manipulation
Mega-Perception => Mega-Composure