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 Low-level Aberrations (2-4 Taint/Temporary Taint)

Medium-level Aberrations (5-7 Taint/Temporary Taint)

High-Level Aberrations (8-10 Taint/Temporary Taint)

Werewolf Derangements

Abyssal Compulsion Severe Insistence on investigating Abyssal lore and creatures
Animalistic Dependency Mild, Severe Mild: Res+Comp if not expecting to hear/see animals. On fail, -1 to all rolls. Severe: Res+Comp if no animals nearby. On fail, activate Animalism 3. ST penalties for Animalism roll apply to all rolls if Animalism 3 failed.
Anxiety Severe Follows Inferiority Complex; -2 on all rolls and Willpower points cannot be spent to bolster any rolls for the remainder of the scene.
Aphasia Severe, Extreme Follows Vocalization; Unable to speak coherently. Wits+Empathy roll for listeners to understand. Use sign language or written text to communicate. Spend 1 Willpower to speak for a scene.
Avoidance Mild Res+Comp when confronted with situation/person associated with previous, significant failure or trauma.
Banish the Beast Severe Follows I'm No Animal; As mild, but must spend Willpower point to assume beast-form as well as roll. May attack anyone who tries to remind of shapechanger nature.
Beast Fears Mild Phobia of animals. Reflexive Res+Comp to avoid trembling fearfully around any animals, even self.
Blood Fascination Mild Res+Comp whenever encountering blood. On failure, take a 'souvenir'. Additionally, Res+Comp if Comp days have gone by without encountering blood or images thereof. On failure, search for more.
Bulimia Severe Follows Fixation; Roll Res+Comp to not feed till full, if you need it or not. For vampires, must burn the vitae more regularly and -2 to resist Hunger Frenzy.
Cage Shock Mild Res+Comp when indoors, clothed, or otherwise confined. On failure, -3 to all Social rolls from annoying behavior.
Cataplexy Severe Follows Insomnia: The day after sleep roll fails, any circumstance resulting in an intense emotional reaction (e.g. laughter, anger, fear) requires Stam+Comp roll. On failure, slump to the ground, paralyzed with weakness but fully conscious for full turn.
Compulsive-Aggressive Disorder Severe Follows Suspicion; Everything is a threat. Only use Intimidation for Social rolls, -2 to resist anger frenzy.
Decadence Mild Res+Comp triggered by 'Great' Social Victory or Humiliating Defeat, on failure, the character looses all sense of decorum in extreme excess. (Unique Temple Derangement')
Delusional Mania Mild, Severe Mild: When taking lethal/agg, roll Stam+Comp. -3 to roll for bashing, -2 for lethal, -1 for agg. On fail, can't dodge for scene unless spending 1 Willpower. Severe: On fail, can't dodge and won't avoid damage unless spending 1 Willpower.
Delusional Obsession Severe Follows Irrationality; Willpower spend to resist acting in according to obsession.
Delusional Witness Severe Overlays hallucination to bring any obvious supernatural phenomenon with her belief system.
Denial Severe Follows Repression; As mild, but has replaced initial memories with others. Res+Comp roll if someone tries to correct memory. On success, become irate and refuse to discuss.
Dependent-Personality Disorder Severe Follows Irrationality; No resolve in rolls to resist Dominate when Dominator uses it upon them.
Depersonalization Mild No sense of connection to self; can not spend Willpower, -2 to Willpower checks
Depravity Severe No sense of social mores, at all. Whenever someone requests that the character 'behave,' roll Res + Comp -2 to resist doing the complete opposite. (Unique Temple Derangement')
Diogenes Syndrome Severe Follows Inferiority Complex; Ignore personal hygiene and cleanliness. -3 dice to Social rolls. Spend Willpower to heal instantly or clean self, but heal reflexively while sleeping.
Dissociation Severe Follows Depersonalization; puts body on a sort of "conscious autopilot", with no emotional depth, can not recover Willpower due to Virtue or Vice
Divination Obsession Severe Follows Magical Ideation; As Obsessive Compulsion, but specifically to perform some sort of divination.
Degenerative Fixation Mild Res+Comp when encountering mirror or image of self. On failure, be convinced that signs of encroaching age are visible, must beg regnant for more Vitae at first opportunity.
Dehumanization Mild Res+Comp roll when inconvenienced or frustrated by other people's perceived weakness or stupidity. On failure, -2 to all Social rolls except Intimidation.
Depression Mild If failed to achieve a goal, a bout of depression occurs. Resolve+Comp, if fails looses a WP and cannot spend for the remainder of the scene.
Erythema Mild Force spending blood to appear alive around others, Res+Comp to resist spending blood this way. -2 to resist roll if company is unexpected, -1 if around 2 or more others.
Feral Antics Severe Follows Neoprimitivism: Res+Comp or behaves like wild animal, minimal human speech or behavior.
Feral Frenzy Severe Follows Cage Shock; Res+Comp or become completely feral, abandoning human speech and restraint until he escapes confinement. May spend Willpower point to bring him out of it.
Fetishism Mild Res+Comp when reminded of fetishized event or object. On failure, attempt to recreate the situation or come into contact with object in question.
Filthy Brutes! Mild Hates, teases and torments animals. Res+Comp to resist abusing a helpless animal.
Fixation Mild Res+Comp to avoid obsessing on a loss or victory. On Failure: Single Dice to see how many scenes you are fixated on loss or failure. ST Fiat.
Fugue Severe, Extreme 'Autopilot' when subjected to specific stressful circumstances or exposure.
Glossolalia Mild Roll Wits+Comp whenever spending a Willpower point. On fail, speak in alien tongue for the remainder of the scene.
Goetic Fracture Severe, Extreme Vice becomes personified as a demon. To cast magic, must either accede to the demon's wishes (satisfying his Vice), or psychically overpower it with extended Wisdom roll with own Resolve as the target number.
Grandiose Delusion Mild Regards self as supreme regarding a specific territory, occupation or subject. Res+Comp whenever someone not in their service attempts to exert influence in the matter. On failure, first priority becomes attempting to exclude interloper.
Hate of Man Severe Follows One with the Bears: -3 to Social rolls from undisguised hatred of Man. Spent willpower point to avoid getting violent if provoked. Remain in Primal form unless absolutely required not to.
Hedge-Calling Severe Follows Wanderlust.
Hemophilic Compulsion Severe Follows Blood Fascination; Res+Comp every time Composure number of days have passed, on failure must draw blood fresh from a victim.
Hunter King Severe Follows Filthy Beasts!; Serial killer of animals. Will hunt, torture and murder animals whenever possible.
Hypnagogic Hallucination Mild Suffers hallucinations in space between waking and sleeping on nights that have been stressful. Spent a Willpower point, or suffer -1 penalty to all Mental rolls the next day.
Hysteria Severe As Phobia add that she must run from subject of Fear. If touched, another Res+Comp. If Dramatic Fail, looses consciousness. -3 Penalty if it's in proximity and you see it -5 if you lack visual.
Hysteria Severe Follows Phobia; As above. For Kindred: -1 to all frenzy rolls that relate to the object of Fear.
Identity Erasure Severe Follows Degenerative Fixation; Res+Comp when encountering evidence of mortal life. On failure, must attempt to erase evidence. This includes a person who knew him.
I’m No Animal Mild Requires Res+Comp roll to force self to change shape, will only do so under extreme necessity.
Inferiority Complex Mild When a single choice or die roll can determine success or failure of stressful situation, roll Res+Comp or take -1 penalty to all rolls for remainder of scene. Cannot spend Willpower on that key roll.
Insomnia Mild When stressed, must roll Res+Comp to sleep restfully. On failure, -2 to all rolls the next day. Each day thereafter is considered 'stressful' until a full night's or day's rest achieved.
Intermetamorphosis Severe Follows Irrationality; After long torpor, mistakes modern living (or undead) people for those he knew long ago. Only breaks from the second person appearing. Can spend Willpower to shake for a scene.
Irrational Defiance Severe Follows Irrationality; When given orders by superiors, roll Res+Comp. On fail, -5 dice to accomplishing orders due to need to defy superiors.
Irrationality Mild Res+Comp to keep cool when wellbeing is threatened. On failure, require Wits+Comp to take any action to diffuse the situation or leave the scene. Cannot initiate violence.
Loss of Compassion Severe Follows Dehumanization; Ceases to see other human beings as meaningful. Roll one fewer die when testing for sins committed against another person.
Magical Ideation Mild Res+Comp at least once a scene. On failure, must find evidence of some greater plan or intelligence in the local environment.
Manic-Depression Severe Follows Depression; Two forms - Psychological and Organic Versions. Dependent on version, on failure of task ST roll Resolve. On Failure - lapse into depression. Also lapse into depression when less than 2Vitae are in the system and on Dramatic Failure of any roll. Chance die to swing into Manic.
Masochism Severe Follows Fetishism; As mild, but must also suffer bashing damage at least equal to Stamina during the compulsive activity to be satisfied.
Melancholia Severe As Depression, but add -2 Penalty to all Dice Rolls
Megalomania Severe As Narcissism add, 1 to all penalties on failure.
Megalomania Severe As above. If you ever lose a contest to one that you feels socially inferior, lose one point of Willpower.
Memory Obsession Mild, Severe Become paranoid about memories being tampered with. On fail to recall information by memory... Mild: -2 to all Mental rolls for a scene. Severe: -2 to all actions until extended Int+Comp 10 successes reached.
Multiple Personality Disorder Severe, Extreme Follows Irrationality; Multiple Personalities triggered may have different skills / Attributes than dominate personality.
Mystic Personality Severe, Extreme Develops alternate personality with diametrically opposed perspective on the supernatural.
Narcissism Mild Res+Comp to avoid bout of vanity on succeeding on a goal. On Failure, you disregard all help in favor of the self. -3 on Teamwork Rolls -1 on Social Rolls
Neoprimitivism Mild Criticize everything about the modern world and people in general. Objections to attitude require Res+Comp to keep cool and not incite loud and possibly violent confrontation.
Obsessive Compulsion Severe Follows a strict code of behaviors. If forcibly kept from doing them, may lash out. May override these with a Res+Com - 2 roll.
Obsessive Compulsion Severe Follows Fixation; as above. More subject to frenzy roll.
Obsessive Humanity Severe Follows Beast Phobia; As Obsessive Compulsion, but specifically regarding own humanity and appearance thereof.
Occult Fugue Mild Conducts lengthy (and usually benign) magical working as if sleepwalking, and then promptly forgets about it.
One with the Bears Mild Idealistic, New Age dream of wilderness, overconfidence in own abilities there. Comp+Survival roll to cope in bad situations.
Paranoia Severe Suffers from Persecution Complex. Automatically -2 on Social Rolls. The slightest hint of suspicion triggers a Res+Comp-2 roll on failure flees or attacks.
Paranoia Severe Follows Suspicion; As above. The slightest hint that another may be an enemy requires frenzy check; target number determined by situation.
Phobia Mild Res+Comp roll to even approach the item of the phobia
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Severe Res+Comp roll when triggered. On failure, powerful panic attack from any movement except to hide. -2 on all rolls and Willpower points cannot be spent to bolster rolls for remainder of scene.
Power Fetish Obsession Mild Any attempt to use Disciplines or expend vitae without the object loses three dice.
Preferential Obsession Mild, Severe Prefer blood of particular type of people. Businessmen, virgins, Latinos, etc. Mild: Only take 2 blood from non-preferred type. Severe: Only take blood if hunger frenzy, then will spend it on anything but Disciplines.
Pyromania Mild
Pyrophillia Severe Follows Pyromania;
Repression Mild Has blocked out memory of event that caused derangement. Roll Res+Comp in similar situation or block out that memory as well.
Rote-Action Repetition Mild Res+Comp when stress. On failure, absorb self in some meaningless, trivial task instead of facing the issue. -2 to all dicepools while stressful situation persists, excepting dicepools related to rote-action repetition.
Sanguinary Animism Mild Manifests personalities the Kindred has fed from, if the Kindred kills his vessel, a Dramatic Failure on a Res+Comp -3 roll makes the personality a permanent fixture in the Kindred's Mind.
Schizophrenia Severe, Extreme Follows Vocalization; -2 to all Social Rolls. Res+Comp to avoid attacking / escaping the source of trauma.
Schizophrenia Severe, Extreme As above, under triggered conditions take -2 to all Rotschreck rolls.
Spirit Placation Mild Res+Comp whenever a setback is suffered. On failure, must placate the spirits at the next opportunity.
Spontaneous Lunacy Severe Follows Spirit Placation; Res+Comp whenever sensing a spiritual presence. On failure, undergo a purely psychological Lunacy with the usual +2 to Willpower and memory loss.
Submission Severe, Extreme Follows Inferiority Compex or Rote-Action Repetition; Res+Comp in any stressful situation. On failure, the character follows orders issued by the highest Presence person who issues a direct command. Cannot spend Willpower, and can only shirk these tasks on a successful Wits+Resolve-2 roll. In the absence of commands, Wits+Composure-2 penalty to avoid slumping into a useless heap.
Supernatural Fascination Mild Conviction that the supernatural influences ever facet of life. Res+Comp at least once a scene. On failure, perform some appropriate action to appease God/have good luck/be safe from harm, etc.
Suspicion Mild If fail a Res+Comp roll, and if suffered misfortune intentionally - may suspect everyones motives. -1 Social Rolls
Synesthesia Mild Roll Wits+Comp when under overwhelming sensory or emotional input. On failure, -2 to all Presence or Manipulation dice pools.
Tongue of the Beast Mild When speaking or writing in nonsense, others who share this derangement can understand it.
Unbridled Confidence Res+Comp, on fail does what comes first to mind, by instinct. -3 to use skills to plan anything out.
Vocalization Mild Res+Comp to avoid audible internal monologue regarding important or stressful decisions.
Waking Nightmare Severe On trigger, roll Res+Comp. On failure, fall unconscious and become lost in nightmare vision for remainder of scene.
Wanderlust Mild When fatigued or out of Willpower points, roll Res+Comp. On success, character is flighty and distracted, taking -1 to all Mental rolls for the scene. On failure, must walk for at least an hour.
Withdrawl Severe, Extreme Follows Irrationality; Become a hermit. Res+Comp to leave haven each night. -3 to Social rolls except resistance to contested ones.
Zealotry Severe Follows Supernatural Fascination; As mild, but proselytizes to everyone they speak with.